🔺BOUTIQUE|Brand Upgrade

Every Kissy product has a tag attached to the entire product line after an upgrade.
Blue Jinkang yarn fabric authorization
Red American Lycra fabric authorization
Green·German Fiber Ball Certification


🔺Five functions of Jinkang yarn: (detailed)

❶ Moisture absorption and sweat wicking (can quickly discharge sweat, very breathable, easy to dry)
❷AAA grade antibacterial (Enterobacteria antibacterial, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, effective antibacterial and sterilization, to achieve antibacterial effect)
❸ Effectively prevent peculiar smell (prevent the peculiar smell caused by bacteria)
❹ UV protection (help protect the skin)
❺Producing far-infrared rays (textiles containing far-infrared rays have the functions of health care and warmth, sterilization and anti-inflammation, and are close to the vibration frequency of human cell molecules, which promotes deep blood circulation in the skin, accelerates metabolism, activates cells, and improves human immune function)
❻Release negative ions (the fabric is rich in negative ions, the concentration is as high as 833 per cubic centimeter, it is the vitamin in the air, can make the skin firm and elastic, and dilute the pigment)


The multiple compound function of Jinkang yarn is to modify nylon by adding a variety of inorganic powders. We solemnly promise: Jinkang yarn does not contain silver ions and other harmful substances to the human body. It is safe, non-allergenic, and can be assured use.
Give a few inspection reports to everyone:



🔺New classic vest | What is 100 cotton yarn modal


🔸What is 100 piece of Cotton Yarn Modal

Our Cotton Yarn Modal is made by the Austrian Lenzing Company in Italy using raw beech wood through 360 environmental protection processes. The modal is more advanced than cotton, skin-friendly, soft, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying. Generally, brand clothes will use 60-80 yarn modal. The modal yarn used by our Kissy has a content of 100 yarns. The higher the yarn count, the finer and softer the hand feel.



🔸Lycra LYCRA (spandex)

❶ Known as the "angel in the underwear industry", the stretch can reach 500%, and the rebound state is perfect.
Add the comfort of clothing and the sense of body restraint, and enjoy it personally at all times, and feel the free new body.
❷Special structure, no mold.


[Breast pad material]
Germany constant temperature fiber ball|Cell Solution®CLIMA
🔸Natural fiber, environmental protection, micro heat accumulator, excellent microclimate.
🔸Automatically adjust the temperature, make people feel at a constant temperature, normal metabolism, and excellent moisture absorption performance.

💬History stories:
——The early thermostatic fiber ball was a clothing developed for astronauts on the moon.
Most of them are used in astronauts, military, police, and other special industries.
——Later, the research of phase change materials has become the hottest topic of current science and technology, and is being valued by scientists from all over the world. Later, it has been developed to be used in ordinary clothing, especially outdoor clothing, including ski shirts and pants. It is of great significance to environmental protection and energy conservation, and its application fields are rapidly expanding, involving many aspects such as industry, agriculture, construction, national defense, medical and health, etc., with broad prospects

🔺New sling|Non-magnetic steel ring: can pass the security check

New sling models | Shoulder strap craft upgrade (the details are hidden in the craft)

The anti-skid belt design is added to the bottom circumference, which does not slide up and does not move, giving the human body the maximum freedom of movement, and the real body moves with the heart.



🔺【Patent and Certification】

11.1 KISSY trademark
: Refers to the registered trademark, which means that the trademark has been successfully registered
The "Trademark Law" clearly stipulates that "the registrant of a trademark has the right to indicate a "registered trademark" or a registered mark." If a trademark that is not approved for registration is marked, it is a counterfeit registered trademark and may constitute a trademark infringement.
: Indicates a copyrighted logo
It is a mark of copyright. The "Universal Copyright Convention" requires that the copyright mark must be indicated on the publication to enjoy copyright. There is no such regulation in our country. Generally, it is just a description of "copyright", "copyright, duplication must be investigated".

 🔺Our first comfortable bra has two patents:

①Appearance design patent
② Utility model patents



🔺【Three major international authoritative certification audits】[ISO9001] [OHSAS18001] [ISO14001]

What is the ISO certification on our products?
[ISO] is the world's largest International Organization for Standardization [International Organization for Standardization (ISO) referred to as ISO. It is a global non-governmental organization and a very important organization in the field of international standardization. ISO one comes from the Greek "ISOS", which means "EQUAL"-the meaning of equality. The ISO International Standards Organization was established in 1947. China is a full member of ISO. The national agency representing China in ISO is the China State Technical Supervision Bureau (CSBTS). ]

1⃣️【ISO9001】is a quality management system
(Establish a corporate quality management assurance system, complete records, compile quality manuals and procedural documents, companies meet basic national requirements, and obtain ISO9001 through third-party certification. The ultimate goal of standard establishment: increase customer satisfaction.)

2⃣️【ISO14001】is an environmental management system
(The system standard established by international standardization conforms to the development of international environmental protection and is customized according to the needs of international economic development. Refers to environmental protection data, environmental factors, evaluation, legal and regulatory requirements, management plans, organizational structures, and powers during plant construction. , Authority, human resource management, information exchange, document control, environmental protection facility operation control, emergency response, etc., only when the enterprise reaches the standard can obtain ISO14001)

3⃣️【OHSAS18001】is an occupational health and safety management system
(Through investigation and assessment and compliance appraisal of relevant regulations, the purpose is to reduce and prevent the loss of life, property, time, and damage to the environment through management to reduce and prevent accidents. The standard structure is the same as ISO14001. , OHSAS18001 can only be obtained if the enterprise meets the standard system standard)

The ISO three system is a macro-management concept, like a baton, guiding the enterprise to refine each system and process from the perspectives of overall management, overall relevance, and forward-looking.
The three-system certification has become the basic condition for enterprises to enter the market and win the trust of customers. In addition to the three systems involved in production and sales industries, today's large enterprises are even more inseparable from these three basic systems.

🔺【Own exclusive patented fabric-"Jinkang Yarn"】

(The patented fabric developed by Jinjiang Technology, Kissy Rumois signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jinjiang Technology, and is the only partner in eastern Guangdong)
Why Kissy chooses "Jinkang Yarn". The company kissy advocates care for women’s health and provides women with comfortable and healthy underwear. As a leader, the company always keeps innovation in style and design, and at the same time in fabrics, especially functions Sexuality will continue to be upgraded. As for adding technology points, it is to add icing on the cake. Each product has a "Jinkang Yarn" tag, which is an "identity certificate" that represents the characteristics of green and environmental protection, allowing KISSY to maintain its lead and advantage in market competition!




🔺【Cooperate with Pink Ribbon Association】

KISSY and Pink Ribbon Charity Brand Story

(In April 2019, Rukien Company signed a contract with Pink Ribbon to become a charitable enterprise for charity and charity. It was renewed in October 2019 to care for the health of women’s breasts. Each box of KISSY Rukien donated a love to charity and charity)

——"Pink Ribbon", as a recognized logo of global breast cancer prevention and treatment activities, is used to promote the message of "early prevention, early detection, and early treatment", with footprints in dozens of countries around the world. Governments of various countries also set October each year as "Breast Cancer Prevention Month."

China Pink Ribbon Caring Volunteers advocate the knowledge of breast lovers, spread a good lifestyle to protect breast health, and self-help breast-saving scientific knowledge to protect the health management concept of life. It reminds people to care for breasts and take care of life. She has become a kind of love and fashion. More and more media, politicians, celebrities, and celebrities are participating and working hard to realize a world without breast cancer.

🎀We have entered a new "pink era".

Value is greater than price
·The material used in our factory is the best 100 Lenzing Modal.
·Exclusive patented fabric Jinkang yarn
·The angel "Lycra" in the underwear industry
·The chest pad upgrades to gather and prevent outward expansion

·The same fabric is 500-600 in the mall
·The same function needs 1500~3000+ in the mall
🔸At this price, what we bought in other places may be just a piece of underwear, and the above detailed product explanation, our underwear is not only non-marking and zero-binding, it does not move, does not empty the cup, does not slip, and is a new maintenance technology.
Comfort, quality, value and price, our KISSY is really perfect.
After 7 days of wearing KISSY like a kiss, I can no longer wear my previous underwear.